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A Little Guide to Navigating in Windows 8

It's difficult to argue the fact that Windows 8 is vastly superior to its predecessors. Still, many people feel overwhelmed by changes and are afraid to make the switch (despite all the Microsoft's attempts to persuade them). I have to say I side with Microsoft here and fully support people switching to Windows 8. I had an idea of breaking down a couple of key points about the new system, so here they are:

- Windows 8 retained many of the Windows 7 shortcuts, so don't be afraid to experiment and play around. For example, if you want to search, press Windows key + F. 

- Use Windows key to get to Start screen. It's wildly convenient and customizable. I barely keep anything on a desktop nowadays. 

- If you hover over the bottom-left corner (and get the Start screen icon to appear), you can right click on that icon and open a handy menu. I usually access Task Manager and Control Panel this way. 

- You can group your programs on Start screen by piling them together, and then right-clicking to name a group. Keep yourself organized!

- One of my favourite new additions (although I don't use it that much) is the abiliy to refresh your copy of Windows 8 without going through the old process of deleting and installing the OS. Now, if you go to Settings --> Change PC settings --> Refresh your PC without affecting your files, you can have a newly rebooted Windows 8 within minutes.

In the end, there are so many new and improved features that it would literally take me hours to explain them all. That's why we designed a 3-hour Introduction to Windows 8 class (next one running April 23). You can take a look and sign up here. And don't forget that you can ask us any questions regarding Windows 8 on Twitter