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How to Handle Projects Seamlessly

When Project Managers are asked what they have the most trouble with, overwhelmingly the answer is: “Ways of streamlining the process, improving communication among team members, and understanding the progress made so far.” These are the problems nearly all organizations face. 

How can the situation be improved? First, stop managing your projects through email — it was not made for this and is ultimately ineffective and wasteful. Second, consider using project management software. Luckily, there has been an explosion of different choices lately: Asana, TeamGantt, Wrike, Basecamp, Redbooth, etc. Nevertheless, throughout the years, our favourite one remains Microsoft Project. 

You have likely encountered Microsoft Project in one way or another. It is a comprehensive tool that can handle work of any scope: from freelance endeavours to government projects spanning years. There are three reasons it is a project management software of choice for us:

1. Besides tracking hours and tasks, Microsoft Project also monitors other aspects, such as materials used and costs. 

2. It works and synchronizes seamlessly with the rest of Office 365 suite. 

3. Very importantly, it features the most in-depth custom reporting capabilities.

Starting with Microsoft Project is easy. The interface is similar to the rest of the Microsoft Office product line, particularly Excel. Additionally, there are many starting guides online. And if you don’t have it as a part of your Microsoft Office Suite, you can download a free 60-day trial version.

However, to get the best out of Microsoft Project, there is nothing like hands-on training. We offer a 2-day Microsoft Project course every couple of months, and it is always a hit. For example, the one next week is already sold out, so if you are interested in the one after that, please mark your calendars for June 18-19 and register early! You can read more and sign up on our website.