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How to Delete Empty Rows in Excel

Working with a large set of data, especially one pulled from different sources presents various problems. One of them is having empty rows randomly distributed throughout the worksheet. You can, of course, carefully scroll down and manually delete each row, but there must be a faster way. And there is.

To delete empty rows, select the first row of the worksheet by clicking on “1”. Then, press Ctrl + Shift + down arrow a few times until you reach the end of the dataset.

Click on the Data tab, and then Filter. In the presented options, uncheck “Select All” and check “Blanks”.

Repeat step one. Press Ctrl + minus and accept when asked to delete a row. If you want to clear the filter, you can follow step two.

The final result should not contain any blank rows. Rows with some blank cells, but not completely empty, should remain intact.

And that’s it. A tip you wouldn’t use daily, but invaluable when presented with large sets of data.