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NEW! This month's theme - Outlook

Trying to juggle multiple systems to keep track of reminders and tasks, having to call this person back in three weeks, and not forgetting to get those files ready for the meeting next week? How many systems and lists do you have to keep track of the variety of things you need to remember to do?

How about one system? How about just one screen that contains every appointment you have, every task you need to do, every person you need to contact and every email you need to follow-up on?  How about it updates between your smartphone and your computer as well? Sounds like an expensive new piece of software, but it’s not!  You probably already have it if you are among the 94% of businesses in the world that use Outlook as primary email client.

Follow us this month on Twitter and Facebook, or sign up for email newsletter! I’ll be sharing about 20 Outlook shortcuts and hosting a live one hour presentation in Kelowna and in Vancouver as well as a webcast at the end of the month, where I’ll be demonstrating key strategies and ideas for using Outlook to help you manage your priorities through your week.