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NEW! Outlook Focus: Priority Management

Since last year, we have been working on designing new remote courses. We have to admit that it is time-consuming and not easy to get right the first time. However, after getting multiple rounds of feedback and endless refining, we are proud to present to you Outlook Focus: Priority Management – new remote course led by our CEO, Frank Byl.
Outlook Focus: Priority Management is a 1.5-hour remote course that will introduce you to the most efficient workflow with MS Outlook, teach you to create all-in-one management dashboard, and provide with the best tips and shortcuts, proven by our CEO's experience. Priority Management course would ultimately help you to become more efficient at prioritizing, managing, and delegating work using MS Outlook. 
The course would be held 10-11:30am on Dec. 10. The investment is $99. To read more and register, please follow this link