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Microsoft: New Horizons

If you have been following technology news since around mid-September, you would have seen Microsoft coming out of dormancy. The company has not been so active for a long time. Perhaps, it is the start of a new productive period for Microsoft.

In the last couple of months, Microsoft has announced Windows 10, a free upgrade for all new Windows smartphones, free MS Office for iOS and Android, web version of Skype, Surface Pro 3 tablet, Microsoft Band, and more. Microsoft is trying to expand into new markets and tackle multiple challenges at once. We definitely like the tendency.

Another important Microsoft announcement, which did not get the press coverage it deserves, is opening the Office 365 and platforms up for third-party developers, which would essentially allow great programmers to add solutions ahead of Microsoft itself. It is, in one word, revitalizing.

As a part of our work, we keep an eye on all the tech news and just wanted to share our enthusiasm and observations about the steps Microsoft is taking. Meanwhile, PowerConcepts is working hard to stay on top of the game, continuously updating courses and materials to match the latest releases.