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Save 67% on training with BC Job Grant

Have you heard about Canada-BC Job Grant? It’s a cost-sharing program started by the Government of Canada to help offset the costs of training for new or current employees. Currently, the grant can cover two-thirds of the training costs of up to $10,000 with no limits to the number of grants the company may receive. 

Here is how it works. The employer seeking training should confirm the eligibility, complete and submit the application, and await for a decision (made within 30 days). Once the application is approved, the province will ask the company to sign the agreement. An employer pays full fees to the agreed service provider and requests reimbursement after the employee has begun the training process. 

This is a great possibility for BC employers to cut training costs by up to 67%. Moreover, PowerConcepts, as a software training provider, is definitely eligible for the grant. Using Canada-BC Job Grant as a company to train with us, you can save hundreds of dollars per employee, and thousands per team or department. Contact us to get a more accurate savings estimate. 

To find out more about the grant, please visit  You can contact the Ministry directly at 1-877-952-6914 or e-mail