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Microsoft Cloud is coming to Canada

Canada’s online presence is growing and Microsoft is taking notice. Starting in 2016, Canadian businesses will have the option to store data and manage their companies through Canada-based data centres.

This is great news for organizations that have to adhere to strict data storage regulations, but also for businesses that would like their data to be protected by Canadian laws.

Cloud servers have a number of advantages to them. They are easier to set up, cheaper, scalable both up and down and arguably more secure. Traditional servers take a lot of man hours to configure and maintain, and if you run out of space, well, than you have to change the infrastructure, which will cost you. Versus cloud-based servers, where deployment takes minutes and extra space is available on demand at any time.

The data centres would be located in Toronto and Quebec city. Microsoft promises that their Azure technology would be available early 2016, followed by Office 365 and Dynamic CRM later that year. Something we’ll definitely keep an eye on.