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How to Remember Everything, Forever

There is one handy tool that keeps us organized here at PowerConcepts. It helps with things like doing research for blog posts, planning business trips, and updating courses. We are talking about OneNote’s little sibling – OneNote Clipper. 

Originally launched early 2014, OneNote Clipper is a nifty extension that lives in your browser and allows you to instantly save any piece of web content directly to OneNote without opening another tab or window. Watch this quick video for a good overview. 

Seems quite useful, right? And it saves us hours of time! No more forgetting that website or looking for that flight booking. Everything is organized the way you want it in one neat place. 

Even better, couple of weeks ago Microsoft released redesigned OneNote Clipper 2.0 with a few new features. Now you can save clips to a specific location within OneNote, bookmark an article without ads, and clip the most important content on a webpage.

Best of all, you can download the new version for free on OneNote Clipper website.