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Office vs. Office 365

Every year, companies gather for budgeting meetings and debate whether to stay on conventional MS Office version (e.g. Excel 2016) or switch to the subscription-based Office 365.

For us, the most apparent and valuable benefit of the new Office 365 is effortless and constant updates. We love running the latest version of the software and getting the most up-to-date functionality as soon as it gets released.

For a visual representation of differences, take a look at the list of updates Microsoft compiled for Excel 2016 or this post for a more specific example of how switching to Office 365 can have an immediate effect on your productivity.

Needless to say, when your company is ready to try Office 365, PowerConcepts is here to help you with migrating and training your personnel to be in tune with all the differences and maximize the added benefits right away. Just give us a call.