Corporate Training

PowerConcepts specializes in delivering customized instructor-led training. If you have five or more staff to be trained we will deliver courses tailored to the skill level and specific requirements of your staff to give you the very best ROI for your training dollar. After working with hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of staff, our instructors are excellent at using examples pertinent to the people attending the course and working on real life examples that will dramatically impact their work experience.

Our corporate trainers can provide training on site or remotely. PowerConcepts can bring classroom sets of laptops into a boardroom and quickly set up an engaging training environment in your office. We can provide custom training material and ongoing support following the training.


Conference Presentations

Looking for an engaging and useful presentation at your next conference? PowerConcepts can provide one-hour to three-hour workshops that would be greatly appreciated by all your conference attendees. PowerConcepts can provide hybrid training environments for people that are attending conferences either in person or remotely. We can speak on any computer education related topic from quick shortcuts and learning new applications to how computers can be best utilized in an education environment. We can create a powerful, engaging, and useful workshop.


One-on-One Consulting

PowerConcepts can save you time and money by quickly guiding you two specific skills or to answer questions and best solutions to solve the specific issues facing your organization. Our team has a broad-based knowledge of everything Microsoft and can demonstrate and provide multiple solution ideas. PowerConcepts can even build custom applications using Microsoft tools. Call us for free initial assessment of the challenges that you would like to address.


Publicly Scheduled Courses

Need to send just one or a few staff for training? Our publicly scheduled courses are limited to no more than 10 participants so that we can have maximum interaction between the students and the instructor. Whether in person or remote the participants will be engaged in activity and discussion throughout the session. When doing remote training we use a unique software that allows the instructor to see all the participants computers at one time on his own large monitor. This way it is easy for the instructor to make sure the participants are following along and to provide help in an instant. 

All our instructors are Microsoft certified. We use the CAFÉ training process. The works as follows:

·       Concept - the instructor will provide a question or pose a problem which will set the direction and importance of the next process to be learned.

·       Action - the participants are then encouraged to discover, with guidance, the steps that are required to resolve the challenged posed in the first step.

·       Follow-up - here the participants get to discuss any of the challenges or insights that they gained and to consider how they can apply the skills that they just learned.

·       Exercise - these first three steps are then followed up with a chance to practice the new skill and reinforce the knowledge.

When participants complete one of our publicly scheduled courses, they are provided 90 days of free access to our LMS site which contains a series of videos reviewing the important concepts in the course.

Participants are also given a two-year free refresher option (one year for bookkeeping courses). If at any time over the next two years, they wish to retake the course they can do so at no charge.