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SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

The new SharePoint features promise accessibility, security and a host of new features but understanding the new tools and the fear of not setting it up right can stall progress. This is not a technical how to course but a course on how to get the most out of your SharePoint site. Explore the tools and the customizations that would most benefit your organization. Learn how to find and conveniently access documents and how many of these tools can connect with Outlook, the grand central station of your workday.

We will also explore teams how they can transform and simplify your collaborative efforts by reducing email and keeping all team or project information in one place. At the same time learn how to connect this information back to Outlook, the place where you work from each day. Explore the various features that can be added to Teams and specifically we will spend time using Planner and OneNote.

Course duration:7 hours.

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